Fix Paralyze Runes

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Fix Paralyze Runes

Post  niccuh on Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:37 pm

Paralyze is too strong in its current form. It seems like it does the serpent spawn type of paralyze where you literally can barely move. It should be more like the warlock paralyze.

Also when you are paralyzed and use utani hur or exura vita to heal it off, there's a delay between casting the spell and the effect ending which opens a window to just get paralyzed again (which is often easy for botters, ex. chilenito).

The effect also fucks with game mechanics because if you try to move forward when paralyzed it may sometimes appear that your character is in the next square but when you try to uh, you can't, and people can mwall in front of you and it'll look like you're in the mwall then you get knocked back.

And a bug with paralyze is that if you use it on someone, you don't get a white skull or pz lock which should happen since it is an offensive rune being used on another player.

Get rid of this junk or fix it so it's not retarded, my best suggestion would be to make it like the warlock paralyze so it's not as strong.


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