Hunt botters again

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Hunt botters again

Post  anirogo on Thu Apr 05, 2012 9:10 am


I'm here to talk about:

Dr Tormento

well killed those guys
5th April 2012 03:55:59 Killed at level 108 by Marshal Ico (Calax)
5th April 2012 03:41:43 Killed at level 107 by Snakee (dr tormento)

It was arround 1 a.m here in brazil (they are brazilians too) and like a few hours later they are amost 20 lvls upped...

seens like to me they are the same guys that you deleted (those 2 paladins botting on warlocks)

well, i guess those guys are hunt botting to get level so please, do something about it Smile.



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